When spring break is four seasons long

Hi! My name is Paddy Paws. I’m twenty months old and weigh one pound, fourteen ounces. My favorite pastimes are eating hay, eating clover, eating bok choy, eating baby lettuces, eating carrot tops, eating parsley, easting pea shoots, eating carrot peels, and watching tadpoles. I’ll nibble your kitchen mats if you let me too close, but I’m very tame and friendly and communicate well. I used to live in a preschool classroom, but I’ve been on spring break for exactly one year today! It’s pretty great here. I get to sit on the sofa to snack on Romaine and watch Netflix with the kids, and I like to hang out in the backyard, which the humans are trying to convert to a clover lawn. The only thing I’m not wild about is the family’s pet rabbit, who tries to take my food, but if it weren’t for him we wouldn’t have so many fun treats in the house, like timothy biscuits and alfalfa nibblers. In fact, spring break is so much fun I might NEVER LEAVE!

1 thought on “When spring break is four seasons long

  1. Carmen

    Paddy paws! You know, Cecil stole the spotlight for awhile but it’s good to hear from you again. Happy 1 year!!


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