Realism: a gallery

Finally, I have evidence that my kids actually do know how it feels to be an adult sometimes! They’ve created a series of still life artworks to express their understanding, and they leave these compositions around the house for me to discover as a way of saying, “I feel you, Mom.” Isn’t that sweet? I photograph these arrangements to prove how well they identify with the human condition, and I know you can relate to at least one, if not all, of the images in the series. Here are the four most recent installments:

P.J. Sparkles just cannot. She lies on the sofa and stares at the ceiling, only to see the smoke detector flashily flaunting its functional 9-volt battery like a social media feed filled with pictures of people looking well-rested and worry-free.
Corolle wasn’t prepared for how hard this would be. Tonight she’s on the bottle and asking not to be judged.
These girls remember taking baths back when they were in their twenties. It’s just not like that anymore.
Mr. Lemonhead, you are all of us.

Aren’t these kids thoughtful in their reflective creations? I’ve never felt so seen!

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