Easter Eggs: the digital age’s comic strip

Remember “the funnies” in the Sunday newspaper? I imagine they still run weekly comic strips, though I can’t remember the last time I saw an actual newspaper. When I was in middle school almost three decades ago, during those years when a girl who’d been a friend decided that it would be a great use of a lot of energy and time to make my life as miserable as possible, I’d look forward to Sunday mornings all week, and after removing the colorful funnies page, would pore over them and cut out my favorites to paste in a notebook. I’m talking about Family Circus, Beetle Bailey, Rhymes with Orange, Sally Forth, Blondie, For Better or for Worse, Doonesbury, Hi and Lois, Non Sequitur, The Wizard of Id. It was a delicious feeling to sit down with that page each Sunday, followed by a nebulous kind of disappointment after finishing it and knowing that I’d have to live through another hellscape of a school week before feeling that excitement again, kind of like coming down after the high of a holiday. The other saving grace that buoyed me through those unfriendly seas of seventh grade was being able to look forward to watching the day’s episode of “All My Children” that my mother faithfully recorded on a VHS tape for me, Monday through Friday at 1:00 EST. Watching that day’s episode was my guilty pleasure and evening ritual after finishing homework, and it’s one of the reasons I survived those days of hiding in a bathroom stall to eat my lunch, feet tucked up under me so no one would see that there was a person in there, with a single shred of sanity intact. I have the fabulous Erica Kane, Adam Chandler, and Hayley Vaughan to thank for allowing me the escape into their on-screen soap opera world for that hour of time out of mind, away from my real-life soap-operatic social scene. Diagramming sentences in English class helped a lot, too, but I digress.

For me, the weekly funnies have been replaced by humorous internet content frequently delivered unto my social media feeds in the form of memes, or in the form of text messages from my many hilarious family members and friends (hi, Dad!). But one of my favorite kinds of comedic content is that which is inserted into the world in subtle ways that are only discovered by chance, and the surprise it provides is value added. So here’s a comedy reel to start off the weekend in the form of two screenshots, amusing discoveries made while conducting Google searches on my phone:

You’ve got to love software developers with a sense of humor.

1 thought on “Easter Eggs: the digital age’s comic strip

  1. Ellen Jones

    First, “nag a ram”…this is just SO DELIGHTFUL. I can just imagine those developers chuckling to themselves and wondering how many people would actually get it. Second, SEVENTH GRADE. UGH. So amazing that your mom recorded every episode on VHS!! My buoy also came in the form of a VHS tape (of course): Huey Lewis and the News Live. Our children would never believe what our lives were like back in the Jurassic period.


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