You’ll C Y

A conversation between mother and son:

Son: “What’s the first word in ‘yuck’?”
Mother: “You mean what’s the first letter in the word ‘yuck’?”
Son: “Oh, yeah.”
Mother: “Y…”
Son: “Because I want to write ‘yuck’.”
Mother: “Oh! Haha, I know! I was saying ‘y’ the letter, not ‘why’ the word!”
Son: “Oh, okay!” (starts writing)
Mother: “But also why ARE you writing ‘yuck’?”
Son: “You’ll see why.”
Mother: “Oh, really?”
Son: “Uh-huh. Right now.” (holds up paper with a “y” written on it) “See ‘y’?”

This probably would have been more entertaining had it not occurred so soon after he’d rejected all of the several dinner options that were literally on the table, but at least he’s journaling about it.

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