And then he learned a term from me

Lest my last post portray a false reality wherein life with kids is replete with educative interactions that smack of profundity and erudite edification, here I will elucidate a rather different sort of conversation between an eleven year old and his mother:

Alison: “Do you want to keep this word search or should I recycle it?”
Liam: “I don’t want to keep it. Do with it what you will.”
Alison: “Ha! Nice sentence.”
Liam: “Thanks. I feel like it’s from ‘Star Wars’.”
Alison: “Maybe it’s in ‘Star Wars’, but I bet it originated elsewhere.”
Liam: “What do you mean?”
Alison: “I mean I think that turn of phrase came from somewhere else originally.”
Liam: “From where?”
Alison (tired, multitasking): “I don’t know! Before Star Wars!”
Liam (laughing): “I didn’t know there was a movie called ‘Before Star Wars’!”
Alison: “Ok, now you’re just annoying the hell out of me.”
Liam: (laughter becomes uproarious)

It’s safe to say that parents don’t take pride in every discussion they have with their kids, but now that I think about it, I’m actually pretty proud of that one.

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