Buy Nothing

I posted the following on the local “Buy Nothing” Facebook group page with these two photos:

Short version: I have two of these jackets to gift. They both fit like a men’s size medium, though one is labeled a large, and are fully lined with a sweatshirt-style hood that can be unzipped around the collar for removal. The colors are slightly different, but they are very similar in cut and design with the exception that the slightly darker one appears to be real leather (I can’t conclusively confirm this), whereas the lighter one is definitely imitation, and the placket pockets zip in opposite directions. Both are brand new, never worn, without tags. Photo on left is the higher-quality, slightly larger one (tag says “M”), and photo on right is the lower-quality, slightly smaller one (tag says “L”) overlaid atop the other one.

Long version: My husband wanted this jacket (he’d found it on for $149) for Christmas. Since I’d already spent more than I wanted to, he found it sold elsewhere online for $99 with product images that were absolutely identical to the listing on amazon, so I splurged (and had to add a pair of socks to the order to qualify for the free shipping, which didn’t kick in until the $100 mark, of course). It took two months to arrive, during which time I anxiously awaited because the other big gift I’d given him for Christmas was a luxe velvet forest green robe with the Slytherin crest embroidered on the chest (he always gets “Slytherin” when taking Harry Potter house quizzes). Well, in classic Slytherin fashion, he detested the robe on sight, so back it went to Pottery Barn (ok, it was Pottery Barn Teen, but I ordered the XL and teens are GIANT these days!).

Despite the fact that we’d taken very accurate measurements before deciding on the size medium jacket, it was definitely too small for my husband. The slip of paper that had come in the bag with it was printed in Chinese, so I had no way of knowing how to send it back, nor did I want to hassle with international shipping. I emailed the company to inquire, and they offered to send a replacement for $53, so I went ahead with it, thinking I could give the other jacket to someone (surely!). I should add that the email exchanges with the company’s customer service amounted to fifteen in number over the course of eight days, and these included sending screenshots of the proof of purchase and PayPal receipt as well as repeated clarification of preferred size and color.

The second jacket arrived about a month later this time, and guess what? Although the label indicated an “L” for “large”, this one was actually a smidge smaller than the medium, and the material was obviously inferior in quality. Now I was in possession of a knockoff bomber jacket and a knockoff of a knockoff bomber jacket, both useless to me despite the fact that I’d paid more to own them that I would have if I’d ordered the genuine jacket from amazon in the first place.

If this entire experience can benefit someone, I’ll call the debacle redeemed, so please, someone, get these jackets out of my house. Porch pickup off of Rio Road East.
Update: I am pleased to report that as of now there are currently zero knockoff bomber jackets in my possession. What a gift!

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