The kitchen sink takes the floor

A PSA from my kitchen sink to yours:

“Big news! I’ve recently begun a self-care routine that’s working wonders! I feel cleaner, fresher, and more independent than ever, and my family has been so impressed with my positive changes. These two new products I discovered have changed the game completely, and I think you’ll love them too! To get the glow, see below for all you need to know!*

“All it takes is the simple application of one product each month and a daily cleanse using the other that can be done literally in SECONDS. All you need is a box of Lysol ‘click gel’ toilet bowl cleaners (applicators are included with purchase!) and a bottle of Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray. Now, I know what you’re thinking: these products are for toilets and dishes. Not anymore! Here’s what to do: apply one of the Lysol ‘click gels’ to the inside of your basin farthest away from the drain, where the spray from the faucet can be directed but where it won’t come into contact with dirty dishes. Each time one of your humans finishes up with the washing, they can spray water from the faucet onto the gel tab, releasing some of the cleaning agent to be dispersed over your surface, with the added bonus of adding a punch of fragrance (I like the ‘mango & hibiscus’ scent, but try the ‘fresh’ scent if you prefer a more traditional clean aroma). When the click gel is dissolved (this takes about four to six weeks in my household), simply click on a replacement!

“You might be thinking, ‘What about the other sides of the basin? Won’t they feel grungy next to the side with the click gel and the bottom, both of which get a lovely sudsy final rinse? Aha–don’t worry! That’s where the Dawn Powerwash spray comes in. As a final step in the routine, your humans can spray the Dawn over the surfaces of the other basin walls, and then (here’s the part you have to see to believe) they can just LEAVE IT THERE! No need to rinse away! It’ll dissipate on its own while the active ingredients go to work on the surface, removing any residue that might still remain, and then next time someone does dishes, the Powerwash action will be reactivated when it comes into contact with the water! Amazing, right? As for the Dawn, I’m partial to the ‘green apple’ scent; this, in combination with the ‘mango & hibiscus’, is a truly tropical treat worthy of a Club Med spa day.

“Don’t wait–you’ll be so glad you tried this and thrilled with how easy it is to maintain the routine! That bottle of Barkeeper’s Friend will be banished to the bathroom where it belongs. Feel free to message me for more details or to share your success stories. Gleam on, my friends! Now’s the time to shine!”

*The Gulotta kitchen sink is in no way affiliated, associated, or connected to the Lysol or Dawn companies or product lines, nor it is directly authorized, endorsed, or in any way officially sponsored by them, and it stands to gain no income from advertising aside from the pure delight of sharing beauty and style tips with other likeminded sinks.

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